Specialized Behavioral Health Services


Our Story

Dynamic InterventionsDynamic Interventions was established in 2004 as a private provider of specialized adult, child, adolescent and family behavioral health and substance abuse treatment services. Dynamic Interventions' licensed and highly qualified professionals have expertise in the assessment and treatment of trauma, family challenges, substance abuse, and suicide prevention. Dynamic’s staff provides individual, group, family, marital, crisis intervention, case management, resource development and an array of other innovative services catered to meet the individual needs of our clients/families. The services can be provided in the office, home and other community locations.

Regardless of the challenges before you and your family, Dynamic Interventions strives to help families stay together and become happier, healthier, stable and successful within their homes, neighborhoods and communities.

Valued Expectations

Dynamic Interventions adheres to an ethical treatment approach, guiding principles that are youth and family- driven, and ensures ongoing evidence-based education for staff to ensure you and your family’s results are successful.


  • Truly adhere to the ethical pledge, “Do No Harm”.
  • Fully partner with you and your family.
  • Believe families should be empowered, not enabled to always depend us for their successful functioning.
  • Realize you are the expert on your family so it is vital that we truly listen to understand your needs and strengths.
  • Provide youth and family-driven services in a responsive and supportive environment that respects your independence and dignity; and encourages the maximum accomplishments for you and your family’s goals.
  • Provide services in an office setting or at times in your home or other community locations to maximize success.
  • Provide individualized services to maximize independent functioning with sensitivity to cultural differences.
  • Believe services should be provided in a manner that is respectful to all involved and their cultures.
  • Seek to provide a more coordinated, comprehensive, and effective approach to providing behavioral health services. This approach streamlines funding, minimizes duplication of services, and more accurately and efficiently employs available resources. We believe that in order to accomplish this objective, a common sense approach must be paired with proven evidence-based mental health practices to successfully maintain and sustain families.
  • Visualize that all families in urban & rural communities should be provided effective behavioral health services in a manner that minimizes disruption of daily activities and maximizes the entire family’s functionality.
  • Strive to be the catalyst for change in provider practices that are commonly utilized to maintain families.
  • Ensure our services are provided by licensed, credentialed and certified behavioral/mental health professionals. All staff receives ongoing training and clinical supervision to continuously improve their skill levels.

Leadership Philosophy

Dynamic Interventions’ Leadership embraces the values of accountability and responsibility to our mission-to provide the highest quality home and community-based mental/behavioral health treatment services available, to Georgia’s youth and their families. Leadership strives to balance our attention between people, process, and performance in order to inspire contributions from individual clinical and administrative staff members. This in turn, maximizes the overall power of the company to ensure you and your family is served in a way to get the best possible treatment results.

Our family and youth centered philosophy is demonstrated by leadership and personnel and can be seen in the service delivery and is communicated openly and practically with everyone. Leadership fosters a culture where all staff members has the knowledge, support, tools, and attitude to meet your family’s identified goals, as we all strive to maximize our individual and organizational efforts.

Together we commit to:

  • Provide leadership that supports interventions that are carried out in a clear and focused way, to ensure positive change and results.
  • Promote teamwork, because the best results are obtained when the team is held responsible. The leadership, administrative and therapeutic staff members are all part of your team.
  • Include you and those closest to you in decision-making.
  • Set an example and provide opportunities for open communication and feedback.
  • Providing ongoing training, support, resources, and information to promote an environment where we can maximize our potential-for you.
  • Create an environment where creativity, humor, and risk-taking are encouraged.
  • Promote innovative solutions, recognizing that both successes and failures provide opportunities for growth and learning.
  • Promote business decision-making linked to ethical values, compliance with legal requirements and respectful of people, communities and the environment.
  • Promote the belief that you and your family can make positive changes necessary to maximize and sustain their full potential functioning in all areas of your lives. We want you to be in control of your own destinies and to become stable, safe, and secure.

Office Hours:

Mon:9am to 5pm
Tue:9am to 5pm
Wed:9am to 8pm
Thurs:9am to 5pm
Fri:9am to 5pm
Sat:By Appointment
Other:By Appointment

Mission Statement:

Provide the highest quality home and community-based mental health treatment services available to Georgia's youth and their families.